Testimonials from The Danson Foundation Internship 2020

"I really enjoyed my time with GlobalData on the Danson Foundation internship. Across the four weeks, I cut my teeth as a Data Analyst in the Thematic Research Team. I encountered content that was entirely different from my degree and, as a result, this internship has massively expanded my horizons. I gained vital experience and key competencies that have re-landscaped how I view my capabilities. In addition, the series of speaker events and skills sessions were really inspiring and have augmented my confidence greatly as I pursue the next steps in my career.”


GlobalData Plc – Thematic Research

"My internship with the New Statesman has been my most formative professional experience so far. My mentors’ expert feedback was highly constructive, and I really furthered my objective of honing a journalistic writing style with their guidance. Having a national byline in such an esteemed publication feels like an incredible breakthrough as I enter my second year of university and is already opening doors. “Likewise, the talks given by external speakers at the Danson Foundation were also incredibly informative and, although I’d only expected to learn more about the world of journalism, I became aware of many exciting career paths which hadn’t occurred to me before. I could not recommend the Danson internships enough to anyone who wants to cultivate invaluable professional experience whilst being stretched intellectually”


New Statesman

"The internship with the Danson Foundation and GlobalData was incredible. Throughout my four weeks at the company I felt like the internship was to support me and develop my skills rather than to do menial work for the company’s benefit. My mentor supported me every day, offering career advice as well as advice on my projects. I could not recommend the internship highly enough; I will definitely come back if it is possible,”


GlobalData Plc – Consulting

"A Danson internship is an unmissable opportunity. Not only did I gain the indispensable experience of working in a non-governmental organisation, I also had many opportunities to listen and speak to people from different career backgrounds, giving me a clearer direction for the future. “The foundation adapted brilliantly to the Covid-19 situation. I could see the amount of time and care that had been put into keeping the experience as useful as possible, which is testament to how supportive the foundation is. Not only did my role remain professionally rigorous, I still found the virtual internship fun and engaging, especially the group sessions with other interns,”