The Danson Foundation

Individual Grant Application

Thank you for taking the time to apply for a grant with The Danson Foundation, we are excited to hear more about your organisation. Please note that we only offer grants to registered charities that have been formally established for a minimum of two years and who undertake work in one of our priority areas, education, mental health or environmental initiatives. We are interested in working with organisations where the results are very tangible and the grant will have a direct impact on its beneficiaries. Long term benefit and sustainability are important to us too. We will consider requests for restricted funding. This can be for projects or core operating activities as long as these are involved in the direct impact of your work and you are able to show tangible results. This is a one off grant, if you are interested in applying to become a long term partner with The Danson Foundation please let us know so that we can discuss this process in further detail.

We will require a follow up call and status report to the trustees four to six weeks after the grant has been issued containing details on expenditure, progress and outcomes from the grant so far. Your feedback is extremely important to us so that we are aware of the progress and impact of the grant, to provide accountability and to cultivate our working relationship.

If you have any pre application enquiries please contact

Application process

STEP 1: Call with the COO of The Danson Foundation to discuss potential application. Call now: 0207 936 6400

STEP 2: Submit basic application form, this will be passed to the trustees for review. Proceed to application form

STEP 3: You will receive confirmation of whether the grant application is successful.

We aim to feed back to you either way within a month. This time-line will depend on the trustees and their current activities so may vary. We thank you in advance for your patience.