Education & Mental Health

The foundation was started in 2010 with a substantial donation from the Danson Family.

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We are

The Danson Foundation is a modern and innovative grant-making organisation which supports the two pillars of education & mental health, by funding projects in the UK and abroad.

We believe

We believe these pillars form the foundations of a person’s future and by focusing on these initiatives we aim to help improve life quality.

We provide

Through individual grants and long-term partnerships, we provide financing, know-how and access to our networks and resources.

About Us

  • We seek people who are using innovative models for philanthropy and funding (this may be new financial models or ways of thinking).

  • We are interested in working with organisations where the results are tangible and our support will have a direct impact on its beneficiaries.

  • We want to build interactive partnerships with the aforementioned organisations and people.

  • We believe in maximising the impact of any investment and strive to find ways to match and multiply funding through other sources.

  • We continually evaluate our projects and believe measuring our impact will help us understand and improve future investment.

  • We look to work with partners who have found solid methods of sustaining all funding moving forward.

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Individual Grants Programme

The Danson Foundation awards individual grants to registered charities working in and around one or more of the foundation's key pillars (education & mental health). We strive to support organisations where our grants will provide a concrete result for the beneficiaries and we can measure the impact of the project’s success.

Long-term Partnerships

We are looking to build new long-term partnerships with registered charities working within education and/or the mental health and wellbeing sectors. We try to create strong, interactive partnerships by providing financial support and access to our resources and networks.