About us


The Foundation works on a set of key principles.

We seek to find people who are trying innovative models for philanthropy and funding. This may be new financial models or ways of thinking. We identify ways of leveraging our assets to help, either through intellectual resources or the assets of our businesses and networks.

We believe in maximising the impact of any investment and therefore strive to find ways to match and multiply funding through other sources. We believe this can also raise the profile of giving in general.

The Foundation aims to bring the rigour of business to social investments by continually evaluating our projects. This may be through the charities we work with or through our own team. Measuring our impact will help us understand and improve future investment, which will further maximise the impact of any funding.

We also look to work with partners who have found solid ways of sustaining any funding going forward. This may be through private/public partnership or through delivering returns that allow re-investment in the project. Either way we want to build projects that will be self-perpetuating.