Who We Are

Peas School classroom


Tom Danson

Tom was born in Wigan and his father was a miner who encouraged him to stay on at in school. Tom was the first person from his family to go on to tertiary education and went to Teacher Training college at St Mary’s. He then became a teacher and then Headmaster. Since his retirement he has worked in a wide range of charities.

Mike Danson

Mike Danson was the founder of Datamonitor which was one of the first UK companies that made use of and was rooted in the internet. He started the company in 1991, through its listing on the London Stock Exchange, to its sale to Informa in 2007. He is now active in the foundation and a portfolio of companies.

Helen Danson

Helen Danson built her career in the area of Human Resources before changing paths to devote more time to her 4 children. She has subsequently started an interior design business which focuses on commercial and hotel design. Helen divides her time between the business and the various charitable organisations she supports.